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Dalit girl raped in Dhobiana Basti, accused on the run – Nyoooz


QCrime: RJD Leader Shot Dead, Girlfriend Axed to Death and More – The quint


Panchayati Raj under Modi is not for Dalits, women, adivasis – Daily O


South Asian women earning 80% less than men – Dhaka tribune


Prakash Ambedkar, Radhika Vemula stopped at HCU gate – Deccan herald


Women rally for a cause, spark row – The times of india




Dalit girl raped in Dhobiana Basti, accused on the run


Summary: The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO Act) 2012 was formulated in order to effectively address sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Bathinda, April 28A 13-year-old Dalit girl of Dhobiana Basti was raped by her neighbourer when she was alone in her house last evening. In a complaint lodged with the police, it has been stated that the accused Raju, who lives near their house in Dhobiana Basti, entered her house and raped her. A case under Sections 376 and 506 of the IPC and Section 4 of the Pocso Act, 2012, has been registered against the accused at the Cantonment police station. The victim said the accused also threatened her to be silent on the incident or he would kill her.

Bathinda, April 28 A 13-year-old Dalit girl of Dhobiana Basti was raped by her neighbourer when she was alone in her house last evening. The victim is a Class VIII student studying in a government school. In a complaint lodged with the police, it has been stated that the accused Raju, who lives near their house in Dhobiana Basti, entered her house and raped her.

The accused fled from the place after the incident. When her mother reached home, the victim narrated the incident to her. The victim said the accused also threatened her to be silent on the incident or he would kill her.

The quint

QCrime: RJD Leader Shot Dead, Girlfriend Axed to Death and More


1. Cops Nab Two Inter-State Drug Peddlers

In a big heist for the Hyderabad police, two drug peddlers have been caught with around 2.7-kg of opium.

The peddlers, Kaium Ul Huq, Chandan Naveen have been arrested by the South Zone team of Commissioner’s Task Force.

The accused duo allegedly indulged in procuring opium from West Bengal for supplying it to customers in Hyderabad, Commissioner’s Task Force Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police N Koti Reddy said.

2. Dalit Murder Case Cracked, Police Arrest Two

Last week’s murder of a Dalit man has been solved by the police. The victim, Samey Singh, 35 was killed and his body dumped in the field nearby their village. And now Samey’s killers have been arrested by the police.

The accused duo, Satish and Manju Singh have been caught and are now being questioned further.

3. Rashtriya Janata Dal Leader Anil Mukhiya Shot Dead in Bihar

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Anil Mukhiya was shot dead on 28 April. The incident took place in the afternoon in Saharsa, Bihar.

Mukhiya was attacked by unknown assailants. According to reports, he was on his way back from the market when he was shot at. A search operation for the assailants has been initiated by the police.

4. Father Kills New Born Girl, Slits Her Throat

A father has allegedly murdered his three-month-old daughter and according to the police, the incident happened early morning on Wednesday.

The accused, Lahu Dhndre killed his daughter after breaking into his in-law’s house. Dhndre’s wife and daughter had been staying with her parents.

On Wednesday early morning, Lahu allegedly sneaked into his in-laws’ house at Nandri, lifted the sleeping baby, and slit her throat and threw the body outside.

5. Girlfriend Brutally Killed by Youth

In a shocking incident in Uttarakhand, a man hacked his girlfriend to death with an axe. He later tried to commit suicide.

The accused, Pankaj Singh, 21 had gone to meet his girlfriend at her home after consuming poison. Once he reached her place, he used an axe to cut her to pieces and then slashed his wrist with a blade-like object.

6. Attempts to Kidnap Baby Foiled, Accused in Custody

A woman who tried to kidnap a six-month-old child was arrested in Salem on Thursday, police said.

The police said a mother and her six-month-old child had come to the government hospital here when a 45-year-old woman tried to abduct the child.

The mother shouted for help following which locals rushed to her rescue, caught the woman and handed her over to police.

7. Minor Girl Raped by Father, Found Pregnant

A girl in her pre-teens was raped for over a year by her father. The assault started one morning when the girl was alone in the house as her mother had left for work and siblings for school.

The man, who worked on night shifts, threatened to kill his daughter if she told anyone about the incidents.

The truth came to light as the 12-year-old was rushed to the hospital due to severe stomach pain.

8.Youth Attacks Cops, Gets Arrested

Two policemen were attacked with a knife by a youth who has now been arrested for his crime. The youth attacked the police on duty right outside the Shaherkotda police station.

The accused has been arrested and charged with attempt to murder and assaulting government servants.

9. Married Woman Stabbed to Death by Jilted Lover

A married woman was stabbed to death in broad daylight on Thursday allegedly by her jilted lover who later attempted suicide in Udaipur district of Rajasthan, police said.

The accused Piyush Bhandari, who is a colleague of her’s, has been arrested, police said.

Daily O

Panchayati Raj under Modi is not for Dalits, women, adivasis


April 24 is celebrated in the country as Panchayati Raj Day to mark the coming into force of the 73rd Constitutional Amendment. The amendment gave constitutional status to panchayats, provided for regular elections to them and mandated reservation for Dalits, adivasis and women, hitherto inadequately represented.

The BJP-led Central government used the occasion this year to try for an overhaul of its urban, anti-poor image in the face of persistent rural distress through a two-week-long “Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday” blitz, which culminated in an address by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to all the panchayats of the country.

In his speech, Modi reiterated Mahatma Gandhi’s dictum that India lives in its villages and exhorted women representatives of panchayats to take the leadership in building toilets. It is not clear how much of the rural electorate was convinced by the prime minister but the Union minister for urban development, housing and urban poverty alleviation, Venkaiah Naidu, had extolled the BJP’s commitment to “gram swaraj” in a recent piece.

However, contrary to the rhetoric, the BJP government under Modi has actively undermined the inclusive and democratic character of panchayats as envisioned in the 73rd Amendment. More perniciously, the BJP has used governance in local bodies to attack the very construct of citizenship in a democracy.

In the last one year, two BJP-ruled states – Rajasthan and Haryana – have mandated, among other criteria such as having working toilets at home, that all candidates for panchayat polls must have completed at least middle and secondary school.

Dhaka tribune

South Asian women earning 80% less than men


Women in South Asian countries earn 80% less than their male counterparts, an ActionAid study has found.

The study also reveals that inequalities of all kinds are on the rise. This is happening despite the fact that the moral, political and economic justifications for such inequalities – whether between women and men, between Dalit and Brahmin, or between black and white – are increasingly being challenged.

ActionAid, an international NGO working against poverty and injustice, published the findings yesterday in a report titled “The Price of Privilege: Extreme wealth, unaccountable power and the fight for equality in the 21st century.” The study was based on work experiences in 45 countries and information from around the world.

The study finds that women in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia earn 80% less than men.

Also, women from 32 countries contribute as much as $3 trillion in labour value to global healthcare in 2010, nearly half of it unpaid, the report states.

It recommends that women’s unpaid care burden should be redistributed and reduced. This issue is especially important for Bangladesh where ActionAid says women spend six hours to do unpaid care work each day compared to only one hour spent by a man.

The richest 1% of the global population now control over half of the global wealth, while the poorer half of the world control less than 1% of wealth, the report says.

The combined wealth of the 200 richest people in the world – $3.18 trillion – is greater than the total wealth of Africa – $2.83 trillion – and nearly equivalent to the total wealth of Brazil – $3.194 trillion.

According to the report, the richest 64 individuals control as much wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion people combined.

“When so many of the world’s resources are controlled by so few, we cannot talk about poverty and inequality without also talking about extreme wealth, consumption patterns and elite capture of power,” said Farah Kabir, country director of ActionAid Bangladesh.

All governments have now promised to act on inequality but almost all were failing to walk the talk. The power of money was ripping societies apart, she added.

Countries like Bangladesh should focus on creating more and better jobs and ensuring that the rich paid their fair share as a way to pay for social protections for the poor and vulnerable communities, said Farah.

The ActionAid report also identifies a range of policy solutions that would decrease inequality by redistributing power and wealth in societies, including innovative solutions such as a maximum wage and better recognition and compensation for women’s unpaid care work.

The report further addresses the range of inequalities and the interconnections between them – especially how inequalities of gender and ethnicity intersected with inequalities of wealth.

Deccan herald

Prakash Ambedkar, Radhika Vemula stopped at HCU gate


Former MP Prakash Ambedkar, deceased Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula’s mother Radhika, and a few others were today stopped from entering the Hyderabad Central University campus here.

“We did not allow them inside the campus so they addressed the students at the main gate,” HCU Chief Security Officer T V Rao said.

On March 23, the varsity authorities had decided not to allow any outsider, including mediapersons and politicians, on the campus.

The varsity is on boil since the suicide of Rohith and subsequent agitation by a section of students against the resumption of duty by the Vice Chancellor.

Ambedkar Students Association had organised B R Ambedkar’s birth anniversary celebrations for which his grandson Prakash Ambedkar, Radhika and others were invited.

On March 31, HCU security personnel had stopped three Kerala MPs and social activist Teesta Setalvad from entering.

The times of india

Women rally for a cause, spark row


Malappuram: Social media is witnessing a debate over freedom of women in Islam after a group of girls wearing hijab appeared in the campaign photo of a Welfare Party of India candidate in Ponnani.

The picture, which showed the group raising slogans and carrying a banner in support of M M Shakkir, the WPI candidate, became controversial after a section of Muslim groups came up with criticism that it was anti-Islam. Soon an abusive campaign against the girls began online, resulting in progressive Muslim groups throwing their weight behind the girls.

M M Shakkir said the girls who were part of the rally faced strong criticism from various corners and have been advised to stay away from such campaigns in the future.

Noorbina Rasheed, state women’s commission member and national general secretary of Women’s League, the women wing of Indian Union Muslim League, said her organisation cannot agree with the move to curtail political freedom of women. “Their participation in a rally shows that they are politically aware and the society should accept them instead of opposing and abusing them,” she said.

In her Facebook post, social activist and media person, V P Rajeena said that it is unfortunate that the clergy and various Muslim organisations are advising women to stay inside four walls.

“The verbal attacks on Muslim women who participated in election rally and the criticism showered on girls wearing purdah, who posed for a selfie with actor Prithviraj are symptoms of an anti-women community. We have many organisations for the welfare of Muslims. But they are unable to take a strong stand on the freedom of women. Those who are criticising girls for participating in election rally are not ready to advice the Muslim youth who raped a dalit girl recently,” she said.

V P Suhara, president of Nisa, a progressive women forum said that not a single mainstream Muslim political party is sincere in uplifting women as they don’t want them in public domain.

“Some parties are now using women in election rallies only as exhibits. Though there are many able leaders in Muslim League the party is not ready to field even a single woman candidate in state. The things are changing even in Islamic countries. But here political parties and religious leaders are still not ready to change their antiwomen mind-set,” she said.

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