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Dalit college professor assaulted – Nyoooz


Dalit laid to rest after four days – The hindu


Mapping inner spaces – The hindu


Vaiko-for-CM Pitch Upsets PWA Partners – The new Indian express




Dalit college professor assaulted


Summary: Government Arts College, Tiruvarur, was attacked by three motorcycle-borne persons in Tiruvarur town on Thursday. Meanwhile, the Government College Teachers Manram has condemned the “barbaric” assault on the Professor. The professor was admitted to the Tiruvarur Medical College Hospital as in-patient. Police sources said the three assaulted Mr. Sivaraman with a wooden log, injuring him on the head. In a joint statement, Manram’s president Dr. Loganathan and joint secretary V. Sivaraman urged the State government to take severe action against those responsible for the attack on Dr. Sivaraman.

An Associate Professor of Thiru. Vi. Ka.

Government Arts College, Tiruvarur, was attacked by three motorcycle-borne persons in Tiruvarur town on Thursday. The incident took place when P. Sivaraman, a faculty member of Commerce belonging to Scheduled Caste, was on his way from his residence. Police sources said the three assaulted Mr.

The hindu

Dalit laid to rest after four days


A Dalit was laid to rest on Wednesday after two communities fought over the funeral path for four days at Thirunal Kondachery. Officials from the departments of police, revenue and rural development held talks with both groups.

When a group tried to take the body through Vazhuvoor, the police lathi charged them. Later, they went in a different route to the graveyard. A total of 75 persons have been picked up.

Sellamuthu (85) of Vazhuvoor died on Sunday. His family wanted to take his body for funeral through a 6.5-km route passing via neighbourhoods populated by the dominant community people.

This was objected to by the caste Hindus, leading to tension. Subsequently, action on a petition, the Madras High Court had directed the district administration to ensure that his funeral was not disrupted.

There is a long history of tumult due to caste conflict in the villages as the upper caste people did not allow Dalits to carry holy water from the common pond for temple rituals.

Death of Sellamuthu’s wife Kunjammal (80) last November raked up the caste issue but the funeral was undertaken swiftly after a promise from the administration to lay the road. But the issue took a serious turn now as both sides had adopted an adamant stance.

Inquiries reveal that during Kunjammal’s death, there was no proper path from Thirunal Kondachery to the Kadalaazhi riverside graveyard and villagers wanted to use the common path through Vazhuvoor that was opposed by the villagers there.

Officials engaged both groups and promised to lay a proper path but it was not kept. Under a direction from the Madras High Court, the district administration made arrangements to conduct the funeral through a makeshift path but that was stalled at the last minute by the oppressed community.

When officials tried to remove the corpse on Tuesday, some relatives of Sellamuthu doused themselves with kerosene and threatened immolation forcing the officials to back off.

Nagapattinam Collector S. Palanisamy told The Hindu on Wednesday that the administration had made arrangements to clear the path and lay a new road and construct a culvert across a channel for Thirunal Kondachery people to go to the graveyard.

The hindu

Mapping inner spaces


Exhilarating and alarming would be useful words to describe Unni R.’s short story collection titled Oru Bhayangara Kamukan. His stories seem to echo the here and nowhere, heaven and hell, erotic and terrifying aspects of the ordinary, mundane experiences of our day-to-day life. It is a fascinating collection of stories that arouse the readers’ curiosity even while withholding a conventional tale’s customary climaxes.

Discarding the stiffness of literary Malayalam, the richly evocative colloquial speech of erstwhile Central Travancore is a pleasure to read. The style and plot might rankle some readers and baffle many but it is a veritable treat to lovers of literariness. Many of these stories often choose their literary precursors, referring back to great writers, artists, books, art and painting. From the Biblical Lot, to Sartre’s Giacometti, the Dalit activist Poikayil Appachan, Marcel Duchamp and the Bavarian writer Sebald, these stories are haunted by presences and absences that try to shape the unruly flow of language.

A story like ‘Divine Comedy’, while definitely reminding the reader of Dante and his medieval Italian classic, is a travesty of death and remembering.

Oru Bhayangara Kamukan is profoundly sensual. And yet, even while revelling in the body and its secret desires, it manages to unravel landscapes of inner space. The story in the end is also a revelation that our quests for one meaning or one truth is doomed to failure in a world where there can only be multiple interpretations. But what is most interesting is that the story is also deliberately and deceptively casual, a strategy calculated to create an impression that art does not offer answers to the mysteries of the life, it only heightens the effect.

Unni does not attempt to cloak religion or caste in the garb of modernity but teases out their nuances, their organic functions, and the maps of inequality and hypocrisy, within which they were and continues to be located. The author has made a mark on the art of the short story in Malayalam. He seems to flaunt his art of sculpting the well wrought story, juggling with images, painting with words, sharpening the tools for chiselling the correct phrase.

(A column on some of the best reads in Malayalam. The author is director, School of English and Foreign Languages, University of Kerala)

Oru Bhayangara Kamukan

Unni R.

DC Books

Rs. 95

The new Indian express

Vaiko-for-CM Pitch Upsets PWA Partners


MADURAI:The second rung leaders of the MDMK may be staking claim for the chief minister’s post for their leader Vaiko, but its partners in the People’s Welfare Alliance (PWA) are not enthused by the idea. While most of the allies with whom Express spoke to preferred to remain non-committal, at least one party, the VCK, raised claim for itself.

The Left, one of the key constituents of the PWA, avoided the issue. CPM state secretary G Ramakrishnan said he was not ready to comment on the matter. He would hold talks with Vaiko before replying to the media queries, he told Express.

State secretary of CPI, Mutharasan, said Vaiko himself had reacted to the demand from his party members, there was no need to comment further on the matter. The MDMK general secretary, he added, did not make any such statement on chief minister post during the public meeting.

Meanwhile, VCK general secretary D Ravikumar told Express that their party cadre had raised similar demand their meeting in Tiruchy but party president Thol Thirumavalavan himself had clarified that he did not believe in announcing the CM candidate before election. Indirectly taunting arch rival PMK, he added that they did not consider it necessary to announce CM candidate like other political parties.

He added that if the PWA wanted to announce a candidate, they consider a person from Dalit community.

MDMK deputy general secretary Mallai Sathya and Sivaganga district secretary Sivandhiappan raised the claim seeking to announce Vaiko as the CM candidate of PWA during the Madurai zonal meeting of the MDMK at Iravathanallur here on Wednesday.

Replying to their demand, Vaiko said he did not dream for any post or position but apparently added that he could not reject their wishes at the outset itself.

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