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 Groups for inter-caste Couples Fight Odds – The New Indian Express


Progressive outfits slam district administration – The Hindu


For a feel good factor and empowerment – The Hindu


Love Affair Sparks off Caste Clash – The New Indian Express


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The New Indian Express

 Groups for inter-caste Couples Fight Odds


By Seema Prasad Published: 12th November 2015 04:59 AM Last Updated: 12th November 2015 04:59 AM

BENGALURU:Manava Mantapa, an organisation promoting inter-caste marriages, is seeking incentives for couples who courageously break social barriers.

Another organisation, called Love Commandos, has run up debts trying to help eloping couples.

For 15 years since the founding of Manava Mantapa, the focus has been on getting dalits and the backward classes to break social shackles.

This year, the informal organisation is recommending incentives for the forward castes as well.

“For many years, we have been fighting for one per cent reservation in jobs and education for those who marry outside their caste. This year, we want to additionally ask for incentives for inter-caste marriages

with one spouse from the General category,” said Nataraj Huliyar of Manava Mantapa.

The recommendation for reservation, sent to the Backward Classes Commission, has been awaiting approval for seven years.

“We are seeking Rs 2 lakh for the groom and Rs 3 lakh for the bride, and this is similar to the budget allocated for couples where one is a dalit,” he told City Express.

Even those who do not come from the lower castes find it difficult to survive social prejudices, and it is important to encourage them to support them. “Once shunned by the family, it becomes difficult even for those from forward castes to stand on their feet,” said Huliyar, a well-known writer and academic.

After Andhra Pradesh, according to the records of Love Commandos, Karnataka has the most “killers of love” — those who react violently to couples who marry outside their caste.

Sanjay Sachdeva, founder of Love Commandos, says the Karnataka police often book criminal cases against couples who elope.

“I understand filing missing person reports. But criminal cases of murder and kidnapping are just not called for. In Karnataka, Belagavi is a problem area with a very high number of such cases,” he said.

Love Commandos has run up a debt of Rs 50 lakh trying to provide shelters and getaways for couples hiding from their parents.

“We don’t spend on the marriage, but on ensuring the couples’ safety,” Sanjay said.

Farmers die as netas splurge

The Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha, which fights for farmers’ rights and livelihood, has advised farmers to go in for simple marriages to avoid mounting debts.

But political leaders, who ought to be role models, are not helping. In fact, most politicians take pride in celebrating weddings at posh locations such as Palace Grounds, and invite several thousand guests. Former chief minister Sadananda Gowda’s son recently got married in opulent style.

Hundreds of farmers are committing suicide every year, unable to repay their loans. Social activists fear a good chunk of the money goes towards celebrating weddings.

Especially under the leadership of Prof M D Nanjundaswamy, who led the Raitha Sangha, farmers were repeatedly urged not to borrow for weddings, but activists find social conventions difficult to change.

Need help?

Couples marrying out of their caste and need support and protection may contact:

■  Manava Mantapa: 97390 32600

■  Love Commandos: 93137 84375/ 93135 50006

The Hindu

 Progressive outfits slam district administration



Progressive organisations have come down heavily on Hassan district administration for failing to resolve the differences between Dalits and upper castes in Sigaranahalli in Holenarasipur taluk and leaving the issue to be resolved by leaders of villagers.

“How can Dalits expect justice from villagers, when the administration itself has failed to provide them justice?”

asked representatives of CPI(M) and other pro-Dalit organisations, in a press conference here on Wednesday.

Dharmesh of CPI(M) said during the peace meeting held on November 7 that the officers and MLA H.D. Revanna resolved to leave the matter to the leaders of villages. “Revanna ended the meeting suggesting that leaders of Sigaranahalli and surrounding village settle the matter. Sigaranahalli and surrounding villages are dominated by upper caste people. There is no chance of poor Dalits getting justice,” he said.

Narayanadas, H.K. Sandesh, S.N. Mallappa, leaders of Dalit Sangharsha Samiti and Satish of Republic Party of India also expressed similar opinions.

They alleged that the former Prime Minister and Lok Sabha member H.D. Deve Gowda tried to mislead the public by diverting the issue. “Dalits never sought entry into sanctum-sanctorum of the temple as Deve Gowda said in a programme. Dalits want entry into temple and community hall built at the government’s expense,” they said.

The Hindu

 For a feel good factor and empowerment



Clothing maketh the man, said William Shakespeare. And psychiatrists seem to agree with him.

“Modern dresses make politicians feel younger and also help them identify with the youth and women,” contended Dr S. Nambi, well-known psychiatrist in Chennai.

Dr Nambi argued that since the youth constituted a significant percentage of the population and undecided voters, politicians are switching to modern dress code to win over them. “It energises them psychologically and it reflects in their body language. You can see them walk briskly and almost running the stairs. The formal attire of Barack Obama and later Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in designer kurtas has made an appeal to politicians across the country,” he contended.

Incidentally, some youngsters who are not fully exposed to the dynamics of politics tend to believe that politicians, who sport a modern look, would be less corruptible compared to those wearing traditional attire.

“While addressing students in many colleges, I have often come across fewer hands going up when I ask how many of them like politicians. But the moment I mention some younger looking politicians who are immaculately dressed in branded clothing, many of them raise their hands in approval,” recalled a journalist.

Sharing a different perspective, Puthiya Tamilagam leader K. Krishnasamy, who prefers branded trousers and shirts, said, he sees modern dress as a sign of Dalit empowerment. “In many parts of the state Dalits are mandated to wear dhoties above their ankle and roll it down – if they have folded it – half way while going through the streets of caste-Hindus. Pants do not cause such embarrassment,” argued the Dalit party leader.

Dr. Krishnasamy added that he always insisted on cleanliness and believed that a well-dressed Dalit would command respect. “I see dhoti as a veil that has masked the corruption of our politicians,” he said.

Another votary of modern outfit for politicians, Thol. Thirumavalavan of the Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi, said he always felt confident and majestic when dressed in pants and shirts.

The New Indian Express

 Love Affair Sparks off Caste Clash


By Express News Service  Published: 12th November 2015 05:55 AM Last Updated: 12th November 2015 05:55 AM

VILLUPURAM:Police on Wednesday arrested three school students, all Dalits, and three Pattali Makkal Katchi men for a clash near Vanur on Tuesday night in connection with a one-side love affair of a Dalit boy with a caste Hindu girl.

According to sources,  Ranjith (19 – name changed), of T Parangini fell in love with Ramya(16 – name changed), his classmate. Though Ramya rejected him, he continued troubling her. A week ago, Ramya informed the matter to her parents, who later threatened the boy. Some caste Hindu boys also threatened Ranjith. On learning this, Dalit boys in the school stood behind Ranjith and the two groups attacked each other, leading to a clash between the groups’ supporters.

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