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KVPS seeks arrest of accused in Ellaram incident – The Hindu


Sarpanch of Bawana village accused of forcible eviction – The Indian Express


Yadav Singh among 125 UP staff facing demotion – The Times Of India


Kanwariyas: Are the BJP and RSS Attempting to Saffron-ise Dalits? – The Quint


U.K. Dalit groups question Modi’s silence on Cobrapost revelations – The Hindu


Govt brings smiles to 54k SC, ST, minority girls – The Hans India


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 The Hindu

 KVPS seeks arrest of accused in

Ellaram incident



John Wesley, State general secretary, Kula Vivakha Porata Samithi (KVPS), has demanded the Collector and the Superintendent of Police should visit Ellaram village in Sadashivapet mandal and arrest the accused in the social boycott of Dalits in the village.

Mr. Wesley, along with others held dharna in front of the Collectorate on Monday and alleged that the district administration failed to respond on the incident when some of the villagers prevented Dalits by barricading the path. He warned that ‘Chalo Ellaram’ would be held if the administration failed to respond.

Alleging that Dalits are not allowed to enter the temple for the past 25 days, he said that the police were not acting tough against the accused and failed to arrest them despite a case was registered.

He also questioned the rationality behind Irrigation Minister T. Harish Rao being silent and stated that Dalits would remove the barricade at the temple, if it was not removed by the officials.

KVPS district president A. Manikyam, secretary M. Adivaiah and others participated in the programme.

The Indian Express

 Sarpanch of Bawana village accused of forcible eviction


A panchayat was held in the village on Monday evening where it was decided that the villagers will for the medical examination of those who allege that they were beaten up.

Written by ENS | Chandigarh | Published:August 25, 2015 8:41 am

The Haryana Police on Monday registered a case against Rati Ram, outgoing sarpanch of Bawana village, and several others following a complaint from some members of the scheduled caste community alleging that they were forced out from the village they had been living for several years.

As per the complainants who belong to the Sapera community, they were asked to vacate their houses. They also alleged that they were forcibly removed from the site. The families have shifted to temporary houses on the outskirts of Mahendragarh.

Police have registered a case under Sections 147, 149, 323, 379 and 427 of the IPC and Section 3 of SC/ST Act against the outgoing sarpanch who also belongs to the community and around 15 other persons from the village.

A panchayat was held in the village on Monday evening where it was decided that the villagers will for the medical examination of those who allege that they were beaten up.

“When the members of the Sapera community started construction on panchayat land, the former sarpanch moved the court against this in 2006. They lost the case and appealed to the DC. They lost there as well,” Rati ram said

He adds that the complainants were not forcibly vacated. “They were asked to vacate the land, which they did. Now some outsiders are raking up the issue,” he said.

The Times Of India

 Yadav Singh among 125 UP staff facing demotion


TNN | Aug 25, 2015, 06.36 AM IST

NOIDA: With the Akhilesh Yadav government approving a proposal to withdraw the promotion of all employees elevated under the ‘controversial’ reservation in promotion policy, suspended engineer-in-chief Yadav Singh is likely to get demoted to the post of senior project engineer, along with 124 employees of the Noida and Greater Noida authorities.

Singh, who is currently under suspension and being probed by the CBI, had allegedly received many out-of-turn promotions bypassing many other senior engineers.

According to officials, the state cabinet’s approval came last week, in accordance with the April 27, 2012, Supreme Court order on the issue.

“We have received directions from the state government to prepare a list of gazetted officers as well as B and C-class employees who were promoted through the reservation provisions after November 15, 1997, and before April 28, 2012,” Rajesh Prakash, additional CEO, Noida Authority, told TOI on Monday.

Prakash said they had provided the required list of employees to the state government. “However, we are still awaiting a formal government order (GO) on the issue,” he added.

Once the GO is received, the appointment authority will be authorized to withdraw the promotions of about 125 employees working as engineers and administrative staff. Of these, there are 14 gazetted officers, 30 B-class employees and 79 C-class babus in Noida and the rest are posted in the Greater Noida Authority.

Meanwhile, a committee has been put into place to scrutinize the files of all SC/ST employees who had taken the advantage of reservation for promotion during the said period. “The promotions that they have received in the last 18 years will be studied and the notches they are to be brought down from their current posts will be verified and designations will be notified soon,” said another official.

As per the promotion rules, employees can get promotion after 10, 16 and 26 years and that, too, when there is a vacancy. However, since 1997, many engineers and administrative staff have managed to get promoted several times even as others belonging to the general category have not been promoted even once after putting in many years of service.

“After the demotions are carried out as per the apex court’s directions, re-organization of designations and posts will be carried out as per new ranks. Many seniors will be posted at junior posts,” he said.

The Quint

 Kanwariyas: Are the BJP and RSS Attempting to Saffron-ise Dalits?


Sumegha Gulati

Naya Gaon Akbarpur Kaidri is a small, nondescript village in Kanth tehsil, 27 kilometres from Moradabad. The Kanwariya season – which ends today – has seen an interesting surge in the village this year, with more than 36 men participating in the Kanwar yatra as opposed to just 15 last year.

The sudden interest in the Yatra has surprised many, with villagers tracing its roots back to a ‘riot’ that erupted in the village last year. Naya Gaon reportedly comprises 25% dalits, mainly chamaars (cleaners) and 75% Muslims, mainly bunkars (weavers) and lohaars (ironsmiths). No upper-castes live in the village.

Early last year, the two communities had a disagreement over the placement of a loudspeaker at a local Ravi Dass temple where the dalits prayed.


Anees, a villager, told The Quint that members of the Muslim community complained about the matter to the Tehsildar’s office. The authorities intervened and the loudspeaker was taken off. However, that led to clashes between the dalits and the local police, with a curfew being clamped down on the village, dalits being lathi-charged and several incidents of stone pelting, during which, the District Magistrate was injured in the eye.

Bano and her husband Mohammad Shafiq, who live opposite the temple, said most ‘rioters’ had come from outside the village and many sported orange headbands.

Peace was eventually brokered by the Kanth MP, BJP’s Sarvesh Kumar Singh and Peace Party MLA Anis-ur-Rehman.

Since then, villagers claimed, there has been a marked shift in the Dalit politics – with members of the community gravitating towards the BJP. The Ravi Dass temple, which is still known by the same name in local police records, has been renamed as “Shiv Mandir” by locals and a shivalaya has been installed inside. However, the priest at the temple remains a dalit.

Before elections, Sarvesh Singh promised Dalits that if he won, he would get the loudspeaker permanently installed. He did eventually win and got the thing fixed here, but local administration found it to be flouting of rules. So, they got the loudspeaker removed. What we cannot understand is – why have so many dalit men started undertaking this yatra? They make noise all night and police is stationed here to control their rowdiness. Also, why have dalits suddenly changed the name of their temple?  — Anees, Village Resident

 Vijay Singh (47), a labourer and representative of the Dalit community, said that they had arrived in the village 62 years ago after floods ravaged the area where they lived. The temple is more than 40 years old and was always a Shiva temple, he claimed. When asked why the temple was listed as Ravi Dass temple in police and administrative records, pat came the reply: “It’s a conspiracy of the Samajwadi Party government.” Singh explained that the loudspeakers were always a permanent feature at the temple.

Some were getting old so we got new ones before Shivratri. We thought that our boys are going for the kanwar yatra and the womenfolk would sing bhajans so let’s have new loudspeakers. These people (Muslims) filed an application against us in the Tehlisdaar’s office and the authorities removed it. They entered the temple with their shoes. We protested but were beaten up and charges were filed against 22 of us in the police station. — Vijay Singh, Dalit Representative

Moradabad’s then-DM, Chandrakant who was injured in the incident and is now posted as the DM in Aligarh along with the then-Senior Superintendent of Police, Dharamvir Yadav, now posted in Bareilly, declined to comment on the matter, stating it “pertained to another district now”.

A senior police officer at the Kanth police station, however, said on condition of anonymity:

Loudspeaker lagane pe vivaad tha. Avaid mana gaya. Dalits ne jhagda kar diya. But it happens everywhere. Azaans blaze from loudspeakers at mosques day and night across UP. Nobody opposes them. — Senior Police Official

A 19-year old BA student who went for the yatra this time said,

We took two vehicles and went. The Hindutva feeling is rising among people. But I don’t think I went for the Hindu cause. I just wanted to enjoy with my friends. — Navneet Kumar, Student

Singh quickly interrupted.

Of course this is about Hindu Ekta. The SP government just favours Muslims. BSP fields Muslim candidates each time who do not work for us at all. We want BJP in the state. Sangh members, VHP volunteers keep coming to the village. We are in regular touch with them and they are concerned for our needs. — Vijay Singh, Dalit Representative

Pavan Jain, RSS Moradabad Prachar Pramukh, confirmed that “upliftment of dalit brothers” was high on the organisation’s agenda.

We call them ‘Sewa Vasti’ – those who need our sewa. We try to provide them education, medical and other facilities. — Pavan Jain, RSS Prachar Pramukh, Moradabad

The move is increasingly being viewed by many political experts as an attempt by the saffron brigade to “Hindu-ise” the dalit community for political gains.

Writer and social activist Kancha Ilaiah explained how BJP, VHP and RSS are mobilizing huge financial resources to vulnerable areas of dalits.

If they are converting a Ravi Dass temple into Shiv Mandir with a Dalit priest, then it is serious. If there had been any upper castes in the village, dalits would be treated as untouchables or abused daily, and their main opposition then would have been the upper castes and not Muslims. I don’t think one can generalise. But in this village, BJP and RSS have carefully used the binary existence of Dalits and Muslims to their advantage. RSS has tried to organise dalits into a homogenous group vis-à-vis muslims. — Kancha Ilaiah, Social Activist

The Hindu

 U.K. Dalit groups question Modi’s silence on Cobrapost revelations



Portal claims alleged involvement of BJP leaders in massacre of Dalits in Bihar

 Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United Kingdom, four U.K.-based Dalit organisations have written to Mr. Modi expressing dismay at his silence over the revelations made by news portal Cobrapost on the alleged involvement of senior BJP leaders in the massacre of Dalits in Bihar.

Their letter questions why Mr. Modi has neither spoken out against the self-confessed killers and their accomplices nor taken any action against the senior BJP politicians allegedly involved in the massacres of some 144 Dalit men, women and children in Bihar.

In the August 19 letter, the groups have urged Mr. Modi to act as his “lack of action on this issue gives the shocking message that Dalit and oppressed caste lives do not matter in India.” The groups are: the Dalit Solidarity Network; the Federation of Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organisations, U.K.; the Caste Watch U.K.; and the South Asia Solidarity Group.

The letter condemns BJP leader Giriraj Singh for having earlier described the slain Ranvir Sena leader Brahmeshwar Singh, known as ‘Mukhiya’, as “Bihar’s Gandhi” as the Cobrapost documentary exposes the man to be the mastermind of the killings of Dalit men, women and children. It has also noted with concern that the Amir Das Commission, which was set up in 1997 after the Laxmanpur Bathe killings to investigate these massacres, was disbanded in 2005 by Nitish Kumar, then in alliance with the BJP, “in order to appease and shield his erstwhile BJP allies.”

Raising the question whether such horrific violence could be tolerated in a democratic country, the letter demands that all the politicians including senior BJP leaders named in the Amir Das Commission report be dismissed from their posts. It has also demanded that the Army and ex-Army personnel who allegedly trained and armed the banned Ranvir Sena members be brought to justice.

Sting operation

The sting operation by Cobrapost’s K. Ashish, released last week, had revealed that senior BJP leaders Murli Manohar Joshi and C.P. Thakur had instigated the Ranvir Sena commanders, comprising upper caste landowning men, to murder Dalit villagers, who were increasingly organising themselves under the CPI(ML) banner and demanding better wages and asserting themselves. It also revealed other high-profile politicians aiding the Sena’s work such as former Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar and JD (U) leader Shivanand Tiwari. Most of the accused in the various massacre cases between 1995 and 2000 were let off by the Patna High Court for want of evidence.

The Hans India

 Govt brings smiles to 54k SC, ST,

minority girls


August 25,2015, 02.53 AM  IST | | THE HANS INDIA


Spends a whopping ` 277 crore for performing marriages of the poor and deprived 

 Hyderabad:  The Telangana government has so far sanctioned and released Rs 277 crore for marriages of 54,614 SC, ST and minority girls under the Kalyana Lakshmi and Shaadi Mubarak schemes.

According to a press release from Chief Minister’s Office, an amount of Rs 98. 573 crore has been sanctioned and distributed to 19,328 Scheduled Caste beneficiaries under the scheme for the year 2015-2016 as on Monday.  

As against a total target of 31,395 anticipated to be benefited under Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme during this financial year, as many as 22,128 have registered their applications. The remaining applications are in the process of verification and would be sanctioned after that.

During the year 2014-2015, government sanctioned and released an amount of Rs 27.418 crore under this scheme benefiting 5,376 SC brides. For the year 2015-2016, the achievement was above 80 per cent in Mahabubnagar (2,955 beneficiaries), Nalgonda (2,715) and Khammam (1,917); above 70 per cent in Medak (2,075), Adilabad (1,891) and Warangal (2,239); above 60 per cent in Karimnagar (2,355) and above 50 per cent in Nizamabad (1,015) and Ranga Reddy (1,713) districts. 

The overall achievement in all districts was around 70.48 per cent. As far as the Scheduled Tribebeneficiaries were concerned, during 2014-15, an amount of Rs 12. 90 crore was sanctioned and distributed to 2,530 beneficiaries. During 2015-16, an amount of Rs 49.50 crore benefiting 9,705 persons has been sanctioned and distributed.

Under Shaadi Mubarak Scheme, for the year 2014-2015, an amount of Rs 27.55 crore was sanctioned and distributed to 5,793 beneficiaries and during the year 2015-2016, as on MondayRs 60. 60 crore has been released and distributed to 11,882 beneficiaries.

Special Secretary to Chief Minister K Bhoopal Reddy on Monday reviewed the progress of Kalyana Lakshmi with reference to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe beneficiaries as well as Shaadi Mubarak Scheme with reference to minority welfare with the concerned officials.  

Kalyana Lakshmi and Shaadi Mubarak are two important schemes introduced by the government benefiting unmarried SC, ST and Minority (including Sikhs and Christians) girls below the poverty line, on their marriage with a view to alleviate financial distress in the family. 

Under the Scheme, a onetime financial assistance of Rs 51, 000 shall be granted to them. The State government has kept this scheme under Green Channel and simplified procedures and certificates. 

For effective implementation of the scheme, the Chief Minister has issued clear instructions to the authorities, that poor families who will be benefited by the scheme should not have any hurdles in obtaining financial assistance. 

MROs and RDOs are made responsible to receive applications and their verification. The status of registrations, verifications, sanctions and amount credited into the accounts of the beneficiaries is monitored by concerned departments every day. 

As per the ratio of SC, ST and Minority population in the districts, physical and financial targets are fixed for each district and communicated to the District Collectors and Joint Directors/Deputy Directors (SCDD) in the State. The entire amount of Rs 51, 000 is being credited straight away in tothe bank account of the beneficiary without any middle men involvement.

The Pioneer

 Hats off to Dalit NRIs


Chandrabhan Prasad

Marquis de Lafayette [1757-1834] is a name the two great revolutions – American War of Independence [1775-1783] and the Great French Revolution [1789-1793], remember and revere. Lafayette was a French, but joined George Washington’s army to liberate America from the British. Back home, he joined the French Revolution to unleash the era of democracy and capitalism.

Of the five famous leaders (Mao Tse Tung, Chou-En-Lai, Deng-Xiao-Ping, Liu Shao-Chi, and Chu-Te) of the Chinese revolution (1949), the latter four had studied abroad. GeorgiValentinovich Plekhanov (1856-1918), arguably, the Russian Marxism, developed his ideas in Europe while in exile. Of the twenty 25 first presidents of the Indian National Congress, 14 of them had either studied in England, or been there. The philosopher of Dalits’ emancipation Dr Ambedkar himself, was educated in US and Europe.

Ever since the post-Ambedkar India has been dreaming of similar foreign hands, to unleash the Dalit revolution-phase two. That dream came true when Dr Laxmi Berwa fired the first shot – on the very land of Lincoln. Born in Revari district of Haryana, the Washington DC based Dalit doctor had walked on the streets of the US capital protesting visit of Smt IndiraGandhi, the then Prime Minister, over the neglect of Dalits back home.

That single act of Dr Berwa, a la Dalit Rosa Parks, fired imaginations of Dalit NRIs in the US – “we must do something for our brethren back home.” With the result the Dalit NRIs beguncelebrating birth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar in a more organised fashions. A movement was thus born. No wonder then, the first Dalit website http://www.ambedkar.org/ was launched in the US. Sashikanth Chandrasekharan, an IT professional may have turned multimillionaire had he opened an IT firm. Instead, he launched the website, admired and viewed by thousands of Dalits each day. The Dalit NRIs in the US and Canada, hosted the first Dalit conference with a clear cut agenda in Vancouver in the year 2003. Needless to add, most Dalit NRIs fund schools meant for Dalit children back home.

Dalit NRIs are on move, creating a variety of movements. That collective churning amongst them has thrown up leaders like Sashikanth, Dr KP Singh, and Benjamin Kaila, each with agendas of their own, mutually complementing. The list is endless. Benjamin along with Rama Krishna Bhupati, both California based software engineers have started the Ambedkar Fellowship Movement since 2003. Under this programme, dozens of deserving Dalit school children are selected from Andhra Pradesh, who awarded Rs 5000 each or, Rs 500 a month in a ten month academic calendar. Students are selected from Government run Welfare Hostels meant for poor Dalit.

The very process of selecting students and awarding fellowships costs a considerable amount of money. This year, the award function was held on January 13, in the Capital city ofHyderabad. Thirty six students were given fellowships, along with a copy of Dr. Ambedkar’s biography. When Benjamin started this movement in 2003, he could organise only two fellowships – from his own pocket. Setting an example himself, he appealed to the Dalit NRIs, and the year 2004 saw 20 recipients. The fellowship movement has now got an institutional framework-a website, ambedkarscholarship@yahoo.com/ a transparent system of selection of the awardees, and a committee to monitor funds received.

“I want to introduce giving as an integral element in Dalit personality”, he told me over phone from California. “Mine is a small endeavour every affluent Dalit must fund education of at least one needy Dalit child”, he added. There are thousands of non-Dalit IT professional earning billions in California, who may spend millions on cow shelters, but not on Ambedkar Fellowships. This is what India’s caste system is all about – social segregation as its very basis of existence.

The modern Dalits too must understand the caste system in its entirety. It is not billionaires Narayana Murthy or Nandan Nilkerni who would institute Ambedkar Fellowships, but, it would require a Benjamin and Bhupati to do that. Forced to make a choice – either award Rs. 5000 to a needy Dalit student, or throw that amount in the deep sea, the Infosys duo would rather opt for the latter. This validates Dr KP Singh’s resolve even more. “Create a Dalit Capitalism which will take care of Dalits.” Hats off to Dalit NRIs on the move.

News monitored by AMRESH & AJEET 


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