A Gentle Reminder to all Concerns – 7 ! An Appeal for voluntary contribution to PMARC: Dalit Media Advocacy Initiative!

A Gentle Reminder to all  Concerns – 7 !!!!!!!!!!!

 An Appeal for voluntary contribution to PMARC: Dalit Media Advocacy Initiative!

Dear Friends

Greetings From PMARC !

We have responses from across the world and people are expressing their serious concerns about our interventions. Some of them has also contributed which enable us to clear out office rent dues. We are hopeful for some more contributions soon as per commitments.

PMARC logo

We are overwhelmed and tender our heartily gratitude to all the concerned friends.

Unfortunately we are still far from our immediately need of resources which ensure to restore our all the activities.

We also need attention and affirmative action from all friends and concerns to ensure/ find out some way for regular support to PMARC which ensure continue all the activities without any resources crunch.

Only our collective effort may make it possible.

It is a challenge before each one of us as equal stake holder of PMARC.

After a longish spell of more than 11 months, we are again compelled by circumstances to make an open appeal for contribution to all of you to sustain the intervention –Dalits Media Advocacy & ‘Dalit Media Watch’.

 From last six month we are facing very critical situations and again we are under huge debt. Our organizational activities are facing huge crises.

Without support from you all, civil society, empowered section of Dalits, Dalits national & International networks &platform it is becoming very hard for us to continue our interventions. It is responsibility of each one of us as an individual to take up this challenge and do as maximum possible contribution from your end.

PMARC is regularly monitoring mainstream media for cases related to Dalits and, disseminating them through our E-Group, “Dalits Media Watch”. Most of you are aware about this.

This purposeful intervention of PMARC was initiated in January, 2007 and, till date thousands of cases has been registered by NHRC alone, besides other commissions. The registration of cases by NHRC implies that FIR is filed which in turn ensures that the victims get immediate relief/compensation and protection and, that the accused are arrested.

It is, however, to be noted that NHRC registered 101 complaints of atrocities and discrimination against Dalits on a single day: 14th September, 2014 and, made us complainants on the basis of our news updates.

It is a just an example that how our interventions are turning in to the positive results in favor of victims of caste based atrocities and discrimination..

To sensitize and make aware mainstream media, civil society, mainstream society about the suffering of Dalits due to caste are objectives of PMARC. These results shows impact of our interventions.

‘Dalit Media Watch’is being delivered to about 3.5 lakh people in 72 countries on every day. Here follows a fact sheet of this intervention during past six months (January to June, 2015):

Sr.No Details Jan Feb March April May June
1 News Monitoring English 29 Days 25 Days 30 Days 30.Days 31.Days 30 Days
2 News Monitoring Hindi 30. Days 31.Days 30 Days
3 No of English News Paper monitored 10 per day 10 per day 10 per day 10 per day 10 per day 10 per day
4 No of Hindi News Paper Monitored 13 per day 13 per day 15 per day
5 No. of Channels monitored (E+H) 8 8 8 8 8 10
6 No. of News Monitored in English 684 536 852 840 828 832
7 No. of News monitored in Hindi 696 752 792
8 No. of News selected & circulated in Eng. Per day ( Average) 5.89 5.36 7.1 7 6.6 7.53
9 No. of News selected & circulated in Hindi per day ( Average) 5.8 6 6.6
10 Total News disseminated in English 171 134 213 210 207 208
11 Total News Disseminated in Hindi 174 188 198
12 No of issue based films disseminated 16 30 26
13 No of media articles circulated 10 9 10 8 9 10

Besides, a program of developing profile of Dalit activists – ‘Dalit Speaks’ was initiated in the year 2011. So far, we have about 130 such video films being used in mass/social movements. These all film are available on You Tube.

Since Jan 2007 PMARC also conducts 150 capacity building workshops( formal& informal) with grass-root activists with the idea of equipping them with necessary skills of media advocacy. We have also developed a complete videography unit. Gradually, over the years, this unit evolved into a small Resource Centre for media professionals/activists, researchers, intellectuals, mainstream media and human rights organizations etc.

Many more universities national & International, researchers, national & International human rights commission, organizations are using our data base and resources.

PMARC become a core resources center for journalists from mainstream media and intellectuals and we are facilitating them on regular basis.

 Last year on August 2014 in response of our appeal some of concern individuals has came forward and extended a bit support. We are thankful to an alumni from JNU and now IAS from UP cedar officer has rescued PMARC from huge debt partially. He came forward as a huge relief which made us to continue our intervention.

We are thankful to all our friends and well-wishers who extended support and solidarity which has given a bit relief to relieve from some part of debt.

We owe all this to our contributors and users. You all made it possible. It is indeed a comradely enterprise.

Now, after a longish spell of more than 11 months, we are again compelled by circumstances to make an open appeal of financial support to all of you to sustain the intervention – Dalits Media Advocacy&‘Dalit Media Watch’.

We also feel the necessity of sharing our recurring monthly expenses:

  • Office rent: Rs15,000 ( Including electricity bill)
  • Communication/internet: Rs 10,000
  • Travel (volunteers and audio-visual unit): Rs. 20,000
  • Honorarium (04 persons)
  • Other Expense Rs. 10,000

 Dear friends !

 PMARC is an exclusive and only platform working on the issue of Dalits Media Advocacy having strong visible out comes in hand. Therefore We appeal you all to come forward and join us.

 Please contribute !!!!!!!!

 Warm regards

Arun Khote

Our Bank details are:




A/C NO. 0302010179713

United Bank of India

IFSC code: UTBI0HZG509





A/C NO. 067600101000452






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